ITAC Preventative Maintenance

ITAC Preventative Maintenance

Cloncad ITAC Preventative Maintenance is recognized nationally as a leading provide of preventative and reactive maintenance services within the Irish Industry. ITAC abbreviates from “Identify, Track, Action, Close”.

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services in sectors including pharmaceutical, healthcare, data centres, commercial, industrial, education, infrastructure, process and sports” and we pride ourselves in our associated with worldwide industry leaders.

Cloncad ITAC Preventative Maintenance maintains Medium Voltage switch gear, Low Voltage switch gear, Lighting, Emergency lighting, Fire detection systems, Security, Access, CCTV, Generators, UPS systems, Mechanical systems, Plant rooms, Pump sets, BMS systems, Air Handling systems, Air Conditioning systems, Lightning protection systems, Drainage, Roof cleaning and inspection and show plough services.

When you enter into a maintenance contact with Cloncad ITAC Preventative Maintenance you get a cost effective 24/7/365 reactive service in line with a scheduled preventative maintenance plan for your facility with the peace of mind that our team is on hand to look after you. All our services are provided in line with GMP “Good Manufacturing Practice”

Cloncad’s operate a minor works division within the ITAC department which is operated under Cloncad ITACMW.

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